There are a number of websites in Oxford and elsewhere in the world, on Agathis and on systematics, evolution and conservation of conifers more generally, that may well be of interest: here is a small but growing selection:

Stephen Harris’s research

Daubeny Herbarium (Oxford’s current research herbarium)

Department of Plant Sciences University of Oxford

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Search ePIC (electronic Plant Information Centre) at Kew for information on Agathis.

ARAU mailing list for Araucariaceae genetics and systematics (which I administer)

Centre IRD, Nouméa (there seems to be a problem with this site presently, but hopefully this is only temporary)

Porter P. Lowry II’s website at Missouri Botanical Gardens
(highly recommended)

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris

Araucariaceae Symposium 2002

Gymnosperm Database, University of Bonn

ForestryGuide, Göttingen State and University Library

Oxford University Exploration Club

Oxford University Expedition to New Caledonia

Images of New Caledonia

ENDEMIA website on the flora and fauna of New Caledonia
(highly recommended)

Link to Trevor Whiffin’s page (more Agathis research)

Steam volatile oils as a basis for Araucariaceae taxonomy

New Caledonian Araucaria research in Edinburgh

Araucariaceae rbcL phylogeny: Setogouchi, H., Osawa, T. A., Pintaud, J.-C. Jaffré, T. & Veillon, J.-M. (1998). Phylogenetic relationships within Araucariaceae based on rbcL gene sequences. American Journal of Botany 85 (11) 1507-1516.

Search American Society of Plant Taxonomists publications for "Araucariaceae"

Search American Journal of Botany for "Agathis"

If you know of a site that you think should be on this list, then please send me the details and I will try to add it.

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